How This Solution Works?

  • Check if your device supports MQTT/CoAP/HTTP protocols
  • Tell us about your device and needs via contact form
  • Display data online or download PDF/CSV/XLS
  • Share beautiful graphs to understand and control statistics
  • Get your access everywhere from any mobile device

Featuring Our Product

Changing the World of Data Visualisation and Aggregation industry


Internet of Things

Wireless connectivity and sensors connected to a system that can visualise the entire data.


Data Processing and Analytics

Transform data from latest readings and multiple sensors every minute.


Security Priority

Triple data backup ready for use in the most extreme situations. This makes you feel always comfortable.


Open-Source and OTA

Full Remote management including Over-The-Air updates eliminating software updates cost.


Dedicated Solution

Scalable cloud solution leading to maximize your company value, investing in IoT smart solution.


Industry 4.0

Management, Visualisation, Data Aggregation, Real-time Processing and Notifications

Tell Us About Digital Needs

Visual Representations of data can include business analytics and high-level strategic thinking. Begin collaboration and let a tool present them in a way someone can understand.

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Prototype Industry Plus
WiFi Module
USB Mirco B
Ethernet 8P8C
Galvanic Connections Isolation (3kV)
Power Supply
SD Card Slot (Data Copy)
Built-in Real Time Clock
PoE Power Supply (Power-over-Ethernet)
OLED Mini Display
Kingston UHS-I Industrial microSDHC Card
Batteries (2x 18650)
Spare and Optional Wiring
Physical Buttons and Dial for Configuration

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